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The DIASEC® finish is an expensive process of adhering a print to acrylic but its adhesion takes place without glue by creating a chemical reaction between liquid components.


The Diasec® adhesion method is completely dust-free, without air bubbles and other glue residues.


Printing the image on museum quality paper then face mount behind the acrylic is the best way so far to create stunning color vibrancy you couldn't get otherwise. With the image mounted behind the acrylic, light refracts in such a way that makes the color pop and provides a near 3-D effect. When proper gallery lighting is used, it almost appears as if the piece is illuminated from behind. This can not be achieved with any other type of mount (including direct printing or glass in traditional frame).


At large sizes and further enhanced by printing on baryta or metallic paper, an acrylic face mount is unparalleled in the ability to provide that “wow” factor. It truly adds value to an image that traditional frames and canvas prints can not.


Moreover, It provides a long lasting print (more than 100 years) and a protection against UV (tarnishing colors). The picture is protected completely by the acrylic, so that scratches and dents are almost non-existent.


The most expensive photo of the World (“Rhein II” from German Artist Andreas Gursky) use the very same patented process.

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