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My surrealist artwork is available for purchase in LIMITED EDITION FINEART PRINTS.


These are polychrome Archival Pigment Prints on heavyweight glossy FineArt Baryta paper, Museum quality. Signed on the front, numbered on the back and delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered. They all are processed by a "Certified Studio for FineArt Digital Printing" laboratory using the most recent printers and long lasting inks.


Complying with French regulations, (Art 98-CGI) definying a work of Art, all images :

- have been made/taken by the artist

- are limited to a maximum of 30 prints (all sizes and mounts combined)

- are printed by or under control of the artist

- are certified, signed and numbered


In that order, for each edition, 2 different options only are offered for a total of 30 prints.


5 "Premium" prints mounted on Diasec® + Alu-Dibond® with aluminum subframe.

Size above 100cm (39 inches)  on the smaller height and above 150cm (59 inches) on the larger height. (for instance 43" x 69.5")


25 "FineArt" prints mounted on Alu-Dibond® with aluminum subframe.

Size under 100cm (39 inches) on the smaller height and above 100cm on the larger height.

(for instance 31.5" x 56")

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